Brow Shape or Brow Tint

Want to define your eyebrows or just a general tidy up? Then book your next eyebrow shape or eyebrow tint at Erban Spa!

Brow shape – Allow 15mins $29

Brow tint only $25

Brow shape and tint $40


Brow Shape and Lash Tint

The perfect combo to tidy the eyebrows and enhance the eyelashes with a bit of colour
(Allow 25 minutes) $50


Eye Trio (Brow Shape, Brow Tint and Lash Tint)

The ultimate eye treatment that includes:
Eyebrow Shape, Eyebrow Tint, Eyelash Tint
(Allow 30 minutes) $59


Eyelash Tint

Want to enhance and add a bit of colour to your eyelashes? Then this is what you need!
(Allow 25 minutes) $40


Eyelash Lift, Tint and keratin treatment * NEW*

Forget eyelash curlers or mascara, if you want to obtain luscious curly show-stopping lashes and have failed in your pursuit, maybe it’s time to get the real deal…an eyelash perm for seriously mesmerising eyes.

The curl in your lashes will last anywhere from four weeks to three months. As your lashes grow and fall out (the life cycle of lashes is about 60 to 120 days)
(Allow 45 minutes) $95


Brow lamination, shape & tint *NEW*

Give your brows a fuller more bold look  – like a lash lift for your brows it leaves them sculpted brushed and defined.

Allow 45 mins  –  $85


Henna Tint

For a bolder longer lasting brow.

Brow Henna $45 (Allow 25 minutes)

Henna Brows & Shape $60 (Allow 25 Minutes)

Henna Brow, Shape & Lash Tint $80 (Allow 45 mins)